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Amendments to the Planning and Zoning Commission Bylaws


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May 22, 2017 6:30 PM Media City Council Regular Meeting

Mr. Mark Reggentin, Assistant City Manager, stated he has been working and meeting with City boards and committees (specifically the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the Transportation Advisory Board and the Lakes Advisory Board) to review their bylaws and constitutions, in order to establish consistency between them to include: what they are doing, how their agendas are put together, and how they function individually. He provided an overview of the recommended changes, corrections, and additions to the Planning and Zoning Commission's bylaws; noting general changes, corrections and additions that will carry through to the other boards and committees. Those general comments include: a consistent agenda format; a description of the duties of the executive secretary; meeting times; transcription of the meetings; typo and usage errors; the rule of office for missed meetings; ethic's clause regarding the Sunshine Law; and, moving from the provisions of Robert's Rules of Order to general parliamentary procedures.

Mayor McDonald requested public comments. There being no one who wished to be heard, Mayor McDonald closed the public comment period.

A motion was made to approve the Planning and Zoning Commission's Bylaws as amended; with the further discretion of the Assistant City Manager to amend for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and consistency as he might deem necessary.

MOVER:John P. Lowndes, Councilman
SECONDER:Joy M. Goff-Marcil, Vice Mayor
AYES:Dale McDonald, Joy M. Goff-Marcil, John P. Lowndes, Bev Reponen, Mike Thomas