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Resumption of Homeowner Reimbursement Program for Swales and Aquatic Plants


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Sep 25, 2017 6:30 PM Media City Council Regular Meeting
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Mr. Rick Lemke, Public Works Director, stated this is an introductory item for Council discussion. The Lakes Advisory Board (LAB) has made a recommendation that City Council reinstate the Lakefront Swale and Aquatic Plan Restoration program which allows homeowners who make improvements to the lakefront area of their properties, by adding swales or planting approved wetlands plants, to be reimbursed for a portion of the cost of materials, up to a limit of $500 per household, with a maximum annual fiscal impact to the City of $10,000. He stated staff has reviewed the program that was available approximately 15 years ago, determined it was not widely used and has doubts as to its effectiveness. He further added that there is not sufficient staff time to administer the program. The City Manager stated, if Council would like to move in the direction of reinstating the program, staff will place a budget increase for $10,000, and authorization for the program, on Council’s next agenda. Council discussed targeting lake front owners with an educational campaign and disseminating information such as to how to build a swale and where to purchase cypress trees. Mr. Lemke and the City Manager answered questions posed by Council.

Mr. Marc Walch, Lakes Advisory Board Vice Chair, stated he was a participant in the program and requested Council consider reinstating this program.

After discussion, upon consensus, staff will develop an educational program for lakefront owners on the installation of swales and how to improve the shoreline with native plants.