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Public Hearing and Discussion: Independence Square Alternative Design Review


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Financial Impact

Project development costs TBD from the Parks Trust Fund

Meeting History

Jul 12, 2017 6:30 PM Media Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Regular

Jay Conn gave a brief outline of the process involved with this design project. Currently the conceptual design is in step 3 of the Park Site Master Planning process in the Parks Master Plan. There has already been a PRAB discussion on establishing some parameters for the project, an advertised public meeting and workshop, and discussions with staff on this park project. They have taken the comments from those meetings and brought back two more refined conceptual designs. PRAB has the option to approve or delay for more information. Following PRAB the conceptual design will then have to go to P&Z, step 5 and end with City Council, step 6. The project will then advance through the site planning review process to include the review of DRC, P&Z and the City Council.

GAI Consultants Kevin Aust and Ryan Seacrest gave a presentation of two conceptual designs for the Independence Square Park, one rectilinear and one curvilinear. Pete Sechler, Director Community Solutions Group at GAI Consultants was also in attendance.

Chair Todd Deery opened a Public Period.

Leslie Smith, 206 Quayside Circle. Likes rectilinear design, takes in more greenspace visually, more traditional, likes the fountain feature. Has a concern with the portable stage, has attended art festivals that have a blow up stage and would not like to see anything like that in the park, likes what the architect has proposed. Would prefer to have the restroom moved further back, does not like it being visible. Likes the tables and chairs scattered about, however is concerned about crime and having to replace the pieces, is concerned about how this would be managed. Would like to see the fountain be a focal point.

Ralph Biddy, 215 Thistle Lane. Likes option one, however does not like the temporary stage idea, and would like to see a lower level permanent stage. Is concerned about the traffic flow on the curvilinear design, people cutting through the grass area. Also likes the idea of moving the restroom further back.

Wendy Collette, 201 Shellpoint W. Prefers the more traditional option, rectilinear. Would like to see this park presentable with some nice features but would like to conserve some of the cost that might arguably be used on other parks or other places in the city.

Leslie Smith, 206 Quayside Circle. Has a concern with parallel parking on Horatio, instead maybe have a joint use agreement with the banks and buildings across the street in the evening hours for event parking, would like to see the space as a buffer as opposed to parking.