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SPR 2016-06 1751 N. Park Avenue, Bounds Law Firm - Decision by Planning and Zoning Commission


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Apr 20, 2017 6:30 PM Media Planning and Zoning Commission Regular

Mr. Berns- Cadle stated that the applicant requests approval of the proposal to add 1,848 square feet to an existing 2,400 square foot office building, which includes waiver requests from the City Code. The subject property is located within the Downtown Maitland Zoning District (DMZD). The applicant has requested the following deviations and/or waivers from the City’s Land Development Regulations. At the public hearing of January 5, 2017, the P&Z conveyed issues to be addressed by DRC which included lack of streetscape, sidewalks; overheard power lines; inappropriate railroad setback at 0 feet; and parking should be contained on-site. The applicant revised their plans in consideration of comments made at the hearing and resubmitted the plans for Development Review Committee (DRC) review. The applicant revised and resubmitted their plans. On March 16, 2017 DRC provided a recommendation for approval with conditions. The conditions were itemized in the report and categorized as (Revision, Information, or Site Permit). Comments categorized as (Revision) were required to be corrected/addressed and resubmitted prior to returning to Planning & Zoning Commission. The revised plans were circulated to DRC members for “DRC Follow-Up”. The DRC members concluded that all revisions per the DRC staff report from March16, 2017, denoted as a (Revision) have been addressed and therefore may proceed to the Planning & Zoning Commission for decision.

The applicant, Greg Roebuck, Aagaard Juergensen LLC and representatives, Cas Suvongse, SK

Consortium, Inc.; and, Clancy Bounds, Bounds Law Group were present for this item and answered question from the Commission.

Mr. Dabby expressed concerns with the parking spaces to the north of the property, underground power lines, believes it is less safe to go from a 20 foot driveway instead of a 24 foot driveway and stated that the building can be reconfigured to accomodate the railroad setback.

Mr. Kalmanson inquired if there's a way that the impact fees can be applied to connect the sidewalk on the north end of the property to the existing sidewalk on Park Avenue and US 17/92. He also expressed concerns with the streetscape.

Mr. Holloway expressed concerns with the railroad setbacks

Mr. Guthrie expressed his concerns with the railroad setbacks and underground power lines.

Chairperson Wilde opened the Public Hearing. There being no one who wished to speak, the

Public Hearing was then closed.

The board discussed whether each of the waivers met the Code's criteria for hardship.

Mr. Kalmanson made a motion to table this item until the applicant gets more information on decorative street lights. Motion died for lack of second.

A motion was made to accept the proposal with the condition that the sidewalk located to the south of the property be "softened", adopt the conditions of the DRC report, and condition for staff to work with the applicant on the street light issue. If the applicant does not agree with staff's conclusion on the street light issue, the applicant can then appeal to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

MOVER:Keith Holloway, Member
SECONDER:Vance Guthrie, Member
AYES:Barry Kalmanson, Keith Holloway, Michael Wilde, Vance Guthrie
NAYS:Michael D. Dabby