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2017-01 AZ-PD Option 2 (500 N. Maitland Ave)


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Meeting History

May 18, 2017 6:30 PM Media Planning and Zoning Commission Regular
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Commissioner Kalmanson recused himself from this item, as he is the owner of the property being discussed. Mr. Kalmanson filed Form 8B Memorandum of Voting Conflict for County, Municipal, and Other Local Public Officers, which is an attachment to these minutes.

Mr. Berns-Cadle recognized correspondence received as follows:

· Mike Griffen , May 18, 2017

· Bob Cantu, May 18, 2017

· Jennifer Patterson, May 18, 2017

· Chuck Hollis, May 17, 2017

· Laura Hardy, May 17, 2017

· Stanley Wilson, III, May 17, 2017

· Cleveland Bain Jr., May 17, 2017

· Ellen Williams, May 16, 2017

· Gregory Lee, May 16, 2017

Mr. Berns- Cadle provided a presentation giving an overview of the request. The subject property is located at 500 N. Maitland Boulevard, is roughly 2.64 acres plus/minus with an existing 27,445 square foot office building. The subject property has two land use categories, Professional Office (PO), and Low-Medium Density Residential (LMDR) and two zoning districts, RG-1 and RS-3. The applicant proposes to amend the zoning of the properties to Planned Development (PD) and obtain approval of a development plan for construction of a 7,787 square foot building addition, additional surface parking and other amenities. This purports to provide for a mix of uses, office and retail including restaurant(s), similar to those allowed within the Cultural Corridor zoning district. The project is proposed to provide an additional 55 parking spaces. The combined on-site parking proposed is 165 parking spaces. The properties are generally located east of Maitland Avenue, north of E. Sybelia Avenue, and west of Gamewell Avenue. A separate application for abandonment of right-of-way has been submitted by the applicant that seeks inclusion of .042 acres to be added to the acreage calculation for the PD property.

The applicant’s representatives, David Miller, Joel Ivey, provided a presentation giving an overview of the project and answered questions from the Commission.

Mr. Dabby stated that he is excited about the project furthering the vision for Maitland Avenue; expressed concerned with parking, buffers and screening.

Mr. Guthrie stated that he likes the project, although, he does have some concerns with the buffer.

Chairperson Wilde opened the Public Period.

Laura Hardy, 820 Gamewell Avenue, asked that this area not be rezone from residential to commercial and stated that last year the applicant and the City Council promised not to rezone. She expressed concerns with the intensity of the project with respect of the neighborhood to the east of the subject property.

Bernard (Bernie) Kahn, 171 Marion Way, expressed concerns with buffering and screening; is concerned with rezoning this area to commercial; restricting noise and music emanating from subject property; and, distortion of asphalt due to increased parking.

Skip Penney. 955 Gamewell Avenue, expressed concerns with the rezoning of the area; also concerned with traffic in and out of the neighborhood and noise; suggested a decorative wall instead of a fence; and, stated that the proposed buffer is inadequate.

Stephen Infantino, 126 Wigwam Place, stated the he likes the direction that the downtown is heading; he believes this to be a well-designed project and is in support of it.

Andreas Afxendiou, owner of Athena’s, stated that this will be a sit down Mediterranean restaurant with no outside bands. He stated that this would be the first project to fulfill the Maitland Avenue vision.

Bill Sydell, 711 Gamewell Avenue, stated that the proposed buffer is inadequate; that the restaurant needs to accommodate the neighborhood; and, would like to know how this would affect the neighborhood’s QNP.

Walter Lauck , 215 Marion Way, expressed his concerns with the potential traffic issues.

There being no one else who wished to speak, the Public Period was closed.

The Commission directed staff to look into the following issues:

· Buffering and screening

· Alternative fence other than fence with proposed jasmine

· Traffic impacts

· Outdoor use, particularly in terms of noise exterior to the building and hours of operation

· Impacts of this project on the Greenwood QNP

· Consistency of use and review use based on compatibility with surrounding area

· Restrict drive-thru and bank use and general use restriction language

· Review parking including on-site and on -street and in terms of uses

· Evaluate sidewalk construction on Gamewell Avenue in conjunction with this project

A motion was made to send comments to DRC and bring it back to the Commission.

MOVER:Michael D. Dabby, Vice-Chair
SECONDER:Vance Guthrie, Member
AYES:Keith Holloway, Michael D. Dabby, Michael Wilde, Vance Guthrie