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2017-01 PCU (635 N. Maitland Ave)


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May 18, 2017 6:30 PM Media Planning and Zoning Commission Regular
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Mr. Berns- Cadle provided a presentation giving an overview of the request. The applicant has submitted plans to amend the permitted conditional use located at 635 N. Maitland Avenue, to incorporate additional parking to serve the office building located at the corner of Sandspur Road and North Maitland Avenue. The subject property is 0.81 +/- acres with a RS-4 zoning district and Professional Office land use designation. The existing improvements on the property consist of a 7,704 square foot office building and 53 parking stalls. The existing development exceeds the minimum required 39 parking spaces @ (one space per 200 gross square feet). With the proposed development of the site, a net 24 additional parking spaces will be provided for a total on-site parking of 77 spaces. There is no increase in building square footage proposed.

Mr. Cas Suvongse, SK Consortium provided an overview of the request and answered questions by the Commission.

Dr, Carlos Pacheco, also representing the applicant stated that they see an average of 4 patients per hour and that the practice’s peak hours are from 7 AM to 12 PM. He also stated that there are no future plans for an addition.

Chairperson Wilde opened the Public Hearing. There being no one who wished to speak the public hearing was then closed.

Mr. Holloway expressed concerns with deterioration of the wall.

A motion was made to recommend approval of the petition for Permitted Conditional Use allowing additional parking in an RS-4 zoning district and allowing the Development Review Committee, upon completion of their review, to forward the item directly to the City Council with the recommendation that the following be evaluated:

· Verify that the proposed parking lot is ADA compliant

· Cut down the wall, instead of completely removing the wall as an option

· Address undergrounding power lines if applicable.

MOVER:Barry Kalmanson, Member
SECONDER:Michael D. Dabby, Vice-Chair
AYES:Barry Kalmanson, Keith Holloway, Michael D. Dabby, Michael Wilde
NAYS:Vance Guthrie