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2016-03 SPR (323 Circle Dr.)


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May 18, 2017 6:30 PM Media Planning and Zoning Commission Regular
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Mr. Berns-Cadle provided a presentation to give an overview of the project process and the landscape plan presented in October 2016 and the present landscape plan.

Mr. Berns-Cadle stated that the applicant proposes construction of a 2,999 square foot office building for property located at 323 Circle Drive. The subject property is currently undeveloped and used for parking for 1515 S. Orlando Avenue, pursuant to a pre-existing offsite parking agreement. Properties located at 323 Circle Drive, 304 Circle Drive and 1515 S. Orlando Avenue are under common ownership as the principals involved in the corporations which own the properties are the same. All three sites are within 600 feet of one another. At the meeting of September 29, 2016, DRC approved sharing of parking between the three sites. Upon approval of a revised parking agreement (Covenant) between the owners of the three sites, and upon recordation of the new Covenant, the 1969 parking agreement between 1515 S. Orlando Avenue and 323 Circle Drive can be vacated. The parking agreement titled "Declaration of Restrictive Covenant for Shared Parking" provides the mechanism to combine parking for the three sites and under what conditions it can be released. This has been reviewed and accepted by the City Attorney. The off-site parking information has been supplied as requested by P&Z at the meeting of October 20, 2016 as an informational item only.

The applicant proposes waivers in conjunction with the construction of the office building, such as, reduction of the 50% building frontage requirement and streetscape modification. The applicant requests to use gravel parking to the minimize impervious area on site and has submitted authorization from the City Manager for the use of this material, which is allowed by the City Code. The City Attorney concurs that the City Manager’s authorization remains valid. The applicant requests that the storm water retention area be gravel. This was approved by the Public Works Department and is so stated under Item 14 of the February 14, 2017, DRC Recommendation Report. The applicant requested undergrounding of power lines be waived. However, this decision is rendered by the Building Official and the undergrounding has not been waived, due to revised information regarding the claimed hardship. On February 16, 2017, the DRC recommended Site Plan approval for the project, subject to the conditions listed within the report. The Site Plan has been updated by the applicant to address conditions of approval listed within the DRC report.

The applicant, Rob Smith, E2Homes was present for this item and answered questions from the Commission.

Chairperson Wilde opened the Public Period. There being no one who wished to speak, the Public Period was closed.

Mr. Kalmanson expressed concerns with parking and gravel determination. He also asked for clarification of who would enforce the Declaration of Restrictive Covenant for Shared Parking.

Mr. Guthrie expressed concerns with storm water and the gravel.

Mr. Dabby expressed concerns with the proposed gravel, narrow entrance, parking spaces and future parking needs due to changes in use and density.

Ms. Blanchard, Chief Planner, answered questions on underground power lines, on enforcement of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenant for Shared Parking and future parking needs for the area.

A motion was made to approve the proposed site permit to develop a 2,999 sq. ft. office building subject to DRC and subject to widening of the driveway to a minimum of 18 feet from the existing 12 feet; with the waivers of building frontage and streetscape be granted; and the requirement for underground utilities remain.

MOVER:Michael D. Dabby, Vice-Chair
SECONDER:Keith Holloway, Member
AYES:Keith Holloway, Michael D. Dabby, Vance Guthrie
NAYS:Barry Kalmanson, Michael Wilde