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  2. Sunrail ridership 2017 (This file has not yet been converted to a viewable format)
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1.              SunRail Ridership

a.              As requested at the last meeting, SunRail ridership is provided in Attachment 1.  These ridership numbers are consistent with past performance.  As you can see, Maitland Station consistently underperforms other stations on the line.  However, due to the multi-family development directly adjacent to the station ridership numbers are expected to increase as these units are completed and leased.


2.              NeighborLink Route 652

a.              As discussed at the November meeting, Neighborlink Route 652 running between Maitland Station and Maitland Center will be discontinued as of January 1, 1018 due to low ridership numbers. Since that meeting, Lynx has made the decision to reevaluate the methods of connecting riders with the Sunrail  system.  While this system wide evaluation is taking place, the decision has been made to continue route 652.  Attachment 2 shows the most recent ridership numbers.


3.              Uber Contract

a.              A revised Uber contract was approved by City Council on August 14.  The original contract provided for a 20% fare reduction for trips that started and ended within an individual city.  Additionally there was a 25% fare reduction (maximum of $6.25) for trips that began or ended at a SunRail station.  The revised agreement expanded the 20% fare reduction to trips that begin and end within the partner cities (Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Longwood and Sanford) with the destination city paying for the discount.


4.              Sandspur Trail

a.              The Sandspur Trail is currently being designed. The pedestrian overpass over I-4 is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2019.  The Sandspur Trail should be under construction later this year.


5.              Dommerich/Choctaw Sidewalk

a.              The Dommerich Drive/Choctaw sidewalk is currently under design.  The route currently under consideration is on the east side of Dommerich drive and south side of Choctaw Trail.  It is anticipated that design will be completed by the early Summer with construction in the Fall.