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Review of Parks and Recreation Five Year CIP


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Mar 7, 2018 6:30 PM Media Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Regular

As identified in the PRAB Constitution, the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan is brought before the board every year for review and discussion.

Several projects identified as short and medium range projects in the PRMP have been included in this CIP schedule. This plan will complete many of the projects identified in the PRMP.

Ellen Goldstein asked the likelihood of being awarded the grants that Jay Conn has identified. Jay Conn stated he felt confident about RTP and LWCF grants, they are federally funded and there is a little more consistency. The FRDAP grant is a state grant that was put on hold during the recession and has only recently started to fund small projects. It was mentioned that the grants are 50-50.

There are cost savings that are not reflected in the plan, we are looking into options instead of spending money on repairing bathrooms we might replace with prefab bathrooms (like at Minnehaha Park) which would lessen costs.