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Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen, Levinson, Stu Kaufman, Attorney


Department:Police Officers & Firefighters Pension Trust Fund BoardSponsors:


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Mar 14, 2018  Police Officers & Firefighters Pension Trust Fund Board Regular
draft Draft

i. Legislative/legal update.

1. Stu Kaufman stated there were no new pension related laws passed other than Senate Bill 376 which is expected to be signed by the Governor. The bill would now include workers compensation benefits for PTSD without a physical injury accompanying the diagnosis. Currently PTSD is only covered if a physical injury is involved.

ii. Update on proposed ordinance.

1. Stu informed the board he had updated the ordinance to include language regarding the purchase of prior service as previously discussed and approved by the board.

2. Toni stated she had received the draft on March 12th and sent it to the actuary for an impact statement.