Agenda Agenda Packet
I. Call to Order
II. Invocation - Dr. Scott Harris, Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Presentation
1. Recognitions - Fire Chief Kim Neisler, Fire Department Civilian Lifesaving AwardComment
V. Public Hearings
1. Ordinance - Modification of Chapter 21 of the Code (Nonconforming Fences & Walls)Comment
a. Ordinance - Chapter 21-5. Nonconforming and Fences
2. Ordinance- Modification of Chapter 7.5 of the Code - Development Review Process ChangesComment
a. Ordinance - Chapter 7.5 Modifications
3. Annual Budget - Adopt Tentative Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2018Comment
documentPublic Hearing Printout
a. Budget Summary18
VI. Old Business
VII. Consent Agenda
1. Minutes of Aug 28, 2017 6:30 PM
2. Receive the Lakes Advisory Board Meeting Minutes from July 19, 2017Comment
3. Agreement with Burgess & Niple - Lift Station No.10 Force Main RelocationComment
documentConsent Item Printout
a. LS 10 FM Diversion - Prof. Eng. Services Amendment No. 2
4. Design Change Order for US 17-92 Water main ReplacementComment
documentConsent Item Printout
a. CPH 17-92 Add Services for Title Search and Easements 8.8.17
5. Resolution - Establishing the Employee Grievance Recommendation BoardComment
documentConsent Item Printout
a. Resolution
b. Employee Grievance Board 9-1-17 BY LAWS (002)
VIII. Public Period
IX. Decisions
1. Ordinance - Capital Improvements Program 2018-2022Comment
documentDecision Item Printout
a. Ordinance CIP 2018-2022 Final
b. EXHIBIT B - CIP Final Ordinance
c. Exhibit A CIP Ordinance 092517
2. Ordinance - Maitland WestComment
a. Maps
b. Applicant's CDP Amendment Analysis
c. DRC Report (July 20, 2017) ALU 2017-01
d. P&Z Report (August 17, 2017) Petition ALU 2017-01
e. Maitland West Proposed Ordinance
f. Maitland West Objection Memo August 16, 2017
X. Discussion
1. Resumption of Homeowner Reimbursement Program for Swales and Aquatic PlantsComment
documentDiscussion Item Printout
a. Recommendation from Board to Council
XI. City Manager's Report/City Attorney/Council Reports
XII. Adjournment