I. Call to Order/Introductions
1. Roll Call
II. Public Period
III. Meeting summaries –July 13, 2017 & July 20, 2017
IV. Pre-Application: 821 Mulberry Street
V. Recommendation : Peacock Ford Easement Abandonments
VI. Recommendation : Peacock Ford Partial Right-Of-Way Abandonments
VII. Recommendation: Petition No. 2017-02 (AZ) (PD) PD Option -1 Peacock Ford
VIII. Recommendation: Petition No. 2017-02 (AZ) Amendment to Chapter 21-5. Supplemental District Regulations, (I) (D)
IX. Recommendation: Amendment to the Maitland City Code of Ordinances Chapter 7.5, “Land Development Procedures”
X. Any Other Business the Committee Deems Advisable
XI. Adjournment