I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Invocation
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Presentation
1. Retirement Resolution - Tom ThorneComment
V. Public Hearing
1. 2035 Summerland Ave Waterfront Structure Variance Request AppealComment
documentDecision Item Printout
a. Second Dock Permit Application
b. Second Dock Plans
c. Second App-Letter to Neighbors 9-19-17
d. Notice of denial 10-18-17
e. Applicant Notice of Appeal 11-6-17
f. Letter of Response-H. Kresge
g. Letter of Respnse-S. Kresge
h. Letter of Response-Wilson
i. Letter of Response-Miller
j. Appeal Notice to Property Owners Letter 11-13-17
VI. Old Business
VII. Consent Agenda
1. Minutes of Nov 27, 2017 6:30 PM
2. Cancel City Council Meeting Scheduled for December 25thComment
documentConsent Item Printout
3. Park Lake Utility Easement and Hold Harmless AgreementComment
documentConsent Item Printout
a. Park Lake Report 140714
b. Hold Harmless Agreement - P.L.G Condo
c. Utility Easement Agreement - P.L.G Condo
4. Piggyback Purchase of Water/Sewer Materials and Supplies - Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.Comment
documentConsent Item Printout
5. Sole Source Purchase of Sensus Water Meters and Parts - Core & Main LPComment
documentConsent Item Printout
a. Sensus Sole Source letter and costs
6. Drainage & Access Easement and Sidewalk Easement - Maitland Multi-Family, LLC. (Metro Square) and City of MaitlandComment
documentConsent Item Printout
a. Drainage.and.Access.Easement
b. Sidewalk.Easement
7. Resolution - Landscape Construction and Maintenance Agreement with FDOT - MCCComment
documentDecision Item Printout
a. Landscape and Maintenance Agreement
b. Exhibit A - Resolution__FDOT Landscape Maintenance Agreement
c. Exhibit B Landscpae Plans for FDOT Agreement
e. EXHIBIT D MOT Language
f. Exhibit E DA-Recorded w Legal Description
VIII. Public Period
IX. Decision
1. Appointments - Lakes Advisory Board (3)Comment
documentDecision Item Printout
a. Krivan LAB 121117
b. Marston LAB 121117
c. Polivka LAB 121117
d. Johnson LAB 121117
X. Discussion
XI. City Manager's Report/City Attorney/Council Reports
XII. Adjournment