Agenda Agenda Packet
I. Call to Order/Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Reading or Desposition of Minutes
1. Minutes of Nov 15, 2017 6:30 PM
IV. Public Period
V. New Business
1. Nomination and Election of Chairperson and Vice-ChairpersonComment
documentDecision Item Printout
2. Lakes Advisory Board Constitution and By-Laws ReviewComment
documentDiscussion Item Printout
a. LAB Constitution May 17 final
b. LAB By-Laws May 17 final
VI. Old Business
A. Staff Report
B. PRAB Report
C. Winter Park Lakes Report
D. Maitland Water Patrol Report
E. Discussion Item
1. Letter to Lakefront homeowners encouraging maintenance, preservation, and improvement of shorelinesComment
documentDiscussion Item Printout
a. Draft Lakefront Homeowners Letter
b. 6-Shoreline Management Plan
c. Sec._8_14.___Shoreline_alteration_and_landscaping.
d. Plants for Lakefront Revegetation
VII. Any Other Business the Board Deems Advisable
A. Volunteer Appreciation Celebration Feb 6
VIII. Adjournment